EB Electronic - Assembly of electronic components

Who we are

About EB Electronic

EB Electronic is a dynamic company that was born in 1983 by Francesc Bonàs, that specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic products.

At EB Electronic we understand that innovation is fundamental for future development. For this reason, we offer advanced technologies guaranteeing a high degree of quality, which together with the automation of the processes, allows us to adapt quickly to the production of both short series and large volume.

  • Electronics assembly
  • Electronics engineering
  • Electronic supply
  • Homologation service
  • Delivery logistics

Our facilities

EB Electronic has a highly qualified plant and production engineer to undertake any assembly of electronic products, including the final finish ready for storage, with its test controls and tests homologations if necessary.

EB Electronic offers its customers the possibility of making custom designs according to their needs. It also offers production engineering to improve product costs

  • Screen Printing Equipment
  • Optical inspection machine
  • Heller oven
  • Axial Combo Machine
  • Universal Radial Machine
  • Welding machine


The Electronic Subcontracting business unit offers a wide range of services, among which the following stand out:

  • R + D + I, in collaboration with the client, offering engineering solutions that improve the final product and identifying opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs and improve the performance of the product.
  • The purchase and logistics management of materials, constitutes an added value to our range of services, providing in-depth knowledge of the products and the market situation, supply network and cost savings.
  • Elaboration of prototypes, we elaborate first series in order to evaluate, correct and improve the product according to the established premises.
  • Verification and Quality Control, we have customized testing systems, also designing measurement systems in collaboration with professionals to guarantee“ Zero-defects ”.
  • Reliability, burn-in media, and climatic chambers of humidity, shock and thermal cycles, allow to ensure excellent reliability to all our products.


  • EB Electronic was founded in 1983, at that time it was dedicated to the production of automation for irrigation and electronic transformers.
  • In 1992 the first plant was inaugurated, which was used to manufacture lighting products for third parties.
  • In 2000 the manufacture and development of lighting products were transferred to a new company located in a warehouse in Santa Perpetua in which Francesc Bonàs participated, called Tronics2000.
  • In 2004 the first LED modules were developed, dedicated to OEM lighting manufacturers, the first single color and RGB LED strips.
  • In 2011 Tronics2000 was taken over by the other partner and moved to its central factory, currently called LUXIONA.
  • In January 2012 EB Electronic moved to the Santa Perpetua plant, adapting it to manufacture electronic circuits.

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