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Supply of electronic components

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Supply of electronic components

  • The selection of suppliers and the purchase of the components and materials necessary for the manufacture of each product
  • The management of the stock of each client
  • The delivery of the product to any place in the world
  • A precise control of the stock
  • A drastic reduction of errors
  • A considerable saving in both manufacturing time and costs

Supply services

  • Component location

    From the moment we start working on a project until it works at full capacity, we take care of everything related to logistics. Thanks to our ERP system we control all phases of the process :

  • Import of components

    We work with international suppliers, both Asian and American.

  • Stock control for customers

    We create independent warehouses, to control your stocks as an external warehouse

Specialized personnel

We have highly qualified professionals in the assembly and engineering of electronic components.

The best technology

EB Electronic has a highly qualified plant and production engineer to undertake any assembly of electronic products.

Delivery logistics

Preventive stock service, so that your response times are immediate.

40 years of experience

EB Electronic is a dynamic company that was born in 1983 that specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic products.

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