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Finishes of mechatronic components

Our final finishing service proposes from life test tests, equipment engraving, assembly completion with wiring, boxes, manuals, etc.


  • Varnishing

    With a team that selectively varnishes the previously defined circuits.

  • Resined

    Ideal for boards where electronic components must be sealed to guarantee total tightness

  • Siliconized

    The insulation with silicones ensures greater protection of the plates against shocks, changes in temperature, humidity, dirt and degradation caused by different factors

Specialized personnel

We have highly qualified professionals in the assembly and engineering of electronic components.

The best technology

EB Electronic has a highly qualified plant and production engineer to undertake any assembly of electronic products.

Delivery logistics

Preventive stock service, so that your response times are immediate.

40 years of experience

EB Electronic is a dynamic company that was born in 1983 that specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic products.

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