EB Electronic - Assembly of electronic components

Assembly of electronic components THT

Assembly of electronic components THT

Better known from English Through-Hole Technology, it is a type of technology that uses the holes made in the printed circuit boards to mount the different electronic elements , to create electrical bridges between one of the faces of the mounting plate to the other, through a conductive tube, which is generally an alloy of zinc, copper and silver, to prevent oxidation and allow soldering. Holes can be welded on components but operation is discouraged, because these THTs are usually inserted by a machine automatically, and their appearance once placed is similar to that of a tiny rivet. THTs are usually quite delicate and sensitive to heat. And if they get too hot, the contact between the tracks on one side of the circuit and the other can be compromised, rendering it inoperative and rendering the board useless.

Specialized personnel

We have highly qualified professionals in the assembly and engineering of electronic components.

The best technology

EB Electronic has a highly qualified plant and production engineer to undertake any assembly of electronic products.

Delivery logistics

Preventive stock service, so that your response times are immediate.

40 years of experience

EB Electronic is a dynamic company that was born in 1983 that specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic products.

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